Light important as eating and drinking…    Health Information 1

Why light is essential for our health and why lack of light can cause any disease is subject of the following. It is not about the UV radiation but a fraction of the light in the form of anions (+) and cations (-). Anions and cations are positively and negatively charged carbon and hydrogen atoms of the solar radiation which obtain their electrical charge on their way through the atmosphere.

Our cells are pairs in the form of a positively and a negatively charged cell. Their charge results from the rotation of the atoms they are composed of. The rotation of the atoms is effected through the energy of the quanta they consist of. The energy level of the quanta is vital for the functionality of the cells.

Quanta are subject to energy consumption. They must be replaced by quanta of our food and the solar radiation. The food replaces fermions and the solar radiation replaces bosons and quarks. The bosons and quarks of the solar radiation flow from the melanocytes via a virtual network, the matrix, into the cell nuclei. Our immune cells in the bloodstream are not connected to the matrix therefor their bosons and quarks are replaced by anions and cations. We absorb anions and cations through the iris. Via a special line connection of carbon-oxygen molecules they get to the plexus choroidei. Those are a network of fine capillaries in the center of the head in which the immune cells get in contact with the vessel walls where the exchange of quanta takes place.

The main task of our immune cells besides the immune defense is the review of all cells and cell nuclei in order to effect their repair if they are damaged. This task can not be sustained with a lack of anions and cations. A further effect of a light deficiency is the restriction of the loading capacity of the erythrocytes for oxigen. Thus a lack of light effects our integrity as well as our physical and mental performance.

To absorb a sufficient amount of anions and cations a minimum stay in daylight is necessary. Daylight means from sunrise to sunset in all gradations from bright to shady over cloudy to foggy and in rooms near the window. Windows with special coatings retain anions and cations. The absolute minimum time for the stay in daylight can only be specified conditionally and for an annual average, it is six hours a week.